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How You Can Become A Filter & Attract Maximum Happiness

Whether you recognize and take advantage of it or not, you have the power to decide what you let in from the outside world. You’re in control of how you respond to everything that enters your mind space and everything that is rejected.

Thoughts become things. Actually, thoughts are things.

Each thought produces its own vibration and frequency, which resonates with others like it, and attracts things in harmonious vibration with it.

Your outside reality is experienced by the way you frame it and mold it with you mind. The way you see things will actually begin to change structurally when you’re correctly deciding what gets to dwell in your brain. Every thought lives in your brain by taking some kind of toll, or consequence.

If you decide you will only accept empowering and helpful thought patterns, then the consequence will build you up and encourage you.

If you decide to be affected by your own negative framing of situations, then you will experience disempowering and unhelpful ways of seeing things.

The external reality is an illusion.

It is all reflected inside of us. Our inner talk, thoughts and habits create our outer experiences, situations and relationships.

The fundamental part of this understanding is becoming a human filter. 

When you become a filter, you command your mind to only help you from this point forward. From now on, you only allow things that will help you and build up your own thought processes. Your mind will no longer be an architect in building section 8 dwellings in your mind, only mansions.

This shift is up to you, and you alone. If you’d like to become a conscious gatekeeper, you can take control of the power of how you see everything. There are no exceptions to this, every single thing in your life will be filtered through the lens of your mind, and hence will determine your emotions and thoughts tied to it.

Be a Filter By Using the Subconscious Mind

The reason this is so powerful is because your conscious mind is the one that controls what your subconscious mind does. Through your self-talk, thoughts, habits, and emotions, the subconscious is imprinted upon and therefore begins immediately to act and create from what it is fed.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference. It just begins to create from what you give it.

The good news is that you can completely filter your conscious mind by feeding it positive, helpful, and empowering thoughts. The flip side is giving it negative, disempowering thoughts to dwell on. To the subconscious, it doesn’t make a difference what it is given; it will just begin to take action by building what it is fed.

It will grow the seeds you plant. Good or bad.

This means the potential for what you want to make is enormous, because you are the reason you see things the way you do, from your philosophies, beliefs, religions, experiences, and more. You decide how you will frame things, and see things the way that you frame them.

Example: Two people view the act of pre-marital sex. One is a Christian/Muslim/a Buddhist Monk, and the other claims no religion. The two people can see the exact same situation, and one type of person will think it is bad, and one will think it is fine. It’s up to the person who decided to take or not to take certain standpoints.

The filter of each person is radically different.

The “situation, thing, or event” is not objective.

Right or wrong is all in the person’s chosen mindset, and whether they recognize it or not, they are the one who made the decision to believe and act in ways that they do.

I encourage you to take control of this crazy machine that is the mind we all have, and show it what to do. You’re the only one who can. If you do, it will be like a disciplined dog, always heeding your commands. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Differences Between Victims & Proactive Winners

Victims will complain about why they can’t succeed saying: “my job sucks, my boss is mean, I don’t have the time, the economy is horrible”, etc.

Proactive winners will not use these excuses, but find ways around them saying: “I will figure this out, I can do anything I set my mind to, the external circumstances are not holding me back, I choose what I believe in”, and more. They only filter in the comments that uplift them.

Which one are you? Which one would you like to consistently be?

Only you can make that decision, and they way you see life doesn’t impact my view.

However, it will impact the lives of people you surround yourself with, so when you make the decision to control your thoughts and frame them in an open-minded way, you improve the way they respond to things and the way you influence them.

Have you ever joined into a conversation of people, just to find them maligning someone and ruthlessly tearing them down, and said one small positive comment about the person?

The entire dynamic is changed and then nobody knows what negative comment to contribute after this. It’s comical but powerful, because you’ve chosen to filter things out and take control over your thoughts and words, and this is a simple way you can simultaneously influence others and stop negativity in its tracks.

The frame of how you’re filtering things can be very powerful. This is because certain people will be willing to go to war for their beliefs, to stand by them at all costs, even if they’re super harmful. Others will release them and entertain new ones freely. Don’t assume what someone else has sold you at face value, because without digesting it, you set yourself up for dangerous situations.

They say garbage in, garbage out. It means that if you let trash in, what you create and speak will be trash too. Filter out the trash so you can only say and use helpful and uplifting phrases.

Ways to Control Your Thoughts & Become a Filter:

1. Understand The Way You See Things is How You Experience Them

When you look at things differently, the things you look at physically change. This is proven by scientific studies, that the observed shifts according to the observer.

You can recognize this in two effects, one called the “Doppler”, and the other, “The Observer”.

For instance, if you made it late to an appointment, you can blame traffic, or you can decide that you didn’t leave 30 minutes early and take the back road.

You could blame someone else for keying your car, or you could realize where you parked was dark, you left it without anyone around, or all a combination of other factors involved.

You could see someone trying to short-change you as something they did on purpose and get angry, or you could realize that the store isn’t the most credible, or it was an accident, and you chose to go to that store.

You can see rain clouds coming by your house, and get mad because you can’t go for a walk, or you can be thankful you have so many good books in the house, in shelter from the rain, and use the chance to gain knowledge.

By applying your personal filter to all circumstances, you become the one in power.

These are trivial examples, but they illustrate how you can frame everything you experience. It’s just a choice, ladies and gentlemen.

2. Consciously Choose To See Things in an Empowering & Positive Light

Look, life is going to throw you some curveballs. You can’t avoid that, but what you can control is the way you respond to them through your mental filter. That part is all up to you, because it’s inside your mind.

When you become a filter, you use something that is readily available to you: your mind. If you make a habit of doing this, you’ll be far stronger as you tackle new endeavors and successes that you reach for in life.

You’ll bounce back from setbacks much quicker, and you’ll be further equipped with a much stronger mindset.

Remember, setbacks are setups for comebacks.

Filter your mind; change your life. Your mind can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

That part is up to you.

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