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Be Thankful to Create Massive Abundance In Your Life

If you’re struggling with lack and disappointment, I have a simple fix.

If you’re wondering why you don’t ever seem to have enough x or y that you need, I have the answer.

If you don’t know how to produce more of what you want, I have figured out one potent tip to implement every time you wake up.

The most important part of unlocking true abundance into your life, is to be thankful.

What do I mean by be thankful? I mean looking around at everything you already have and feeling genuinely thankful for all of it. This is one of the most important things you can do to unlock the floodgates holding what you want most in life.

It is a mindset shift that starts with appreciating what you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire so far in life, some things without you earning them.

What does this include?

Simply put, here are a few of the big ones:

  • Clean water
  • Daily meals
  • A healthy body
  • A roof over your head
  • A working shower / bath
  • Family
  • A supportive friend group
  • Freedom instead of slavery
  • Choice of mental pathways
  • Control over your actions
  • Control over your own life path
  • The ability to afford clothing

Dissecting This Process in Practice

These are part of a much larger list with hundreds of thousands of more things to be glad you have. The benefit of this exercise is twofold:

  1. When you start thinking of what you have to be thankful for, you notice even more that you can be thankful for
  2. You actually bring more of those things into your life

Again, the reason this works is twofold:

  1. You have a RAS (reticular activating system) inside your brain that actually focuses more on what you decide to focus on. It focuses more on whatever you tell your brain to, and channels out more things that aren’t important
  2. You attract more of these positive things because the way you think about them, in a relaxed and happy manner, will bring a secure feeling which is good for your well-being

Jack Canfield knows how to utilize the powers of the RAS also and meditates with it daily.

You can also read more about the RAS from a fellow motivator, Ludvig over at Start Gaining Momentum here:

The more you think about your existing wealth, the more you create for yourself and others. The more you focus on something, the more it expands and grows. You are the one that can give it life.

So why focus on lack? When you focus on things like this, you create and notice more lack in your life.

You can use this thankful tool to your advantage and control what you want to think about and be thankful for. Make sure that whatever you’re filling your head with is positive, constructive, and actionable.

Practical Tips to Be Thankful

  1. Wake Up & Find at Least 20 Things to Be Glad About Each Day

When you start with 10 things to be thankful for, you push your brain for this activity and it will be hard if you haven’t done it before. Each day, look to add a few things to this list, or come up with 20 entirely new points in your life to be thankful for. You will eventually have a huge list, and as long as you are consistent with it, you can start every day off great in a happy mood.

This will come second nature to you over time because you immediately have control over your mind early in the day and set up a constructive habit.

  1. Thank People For What Value They Add to Your Life

This is a nice actionable tip that helps you verbalize and verify what someone is doing for your life. It’s a double win because you’re feeling great about this person and what they do for you, while also making that person feel appreciated.

The added benefit of this is you reinforce into your subconscious, through your conscious mind, that you have an abundance of things to be grateful for.

Be Thankful: Health & Mindset Benefits

Some immediate benefits that you will notice off the bat:

  • Increased energy for the day
  • Optimism increases at least two fold as more things are noticed
  • Stronger friendship bond through clear communication
  • Mental clarity due to your newfound control over circumstances
  • An overflow of things you’re thankful for

One Thankful Trap

If you choose to implement these strategies, you’ll need to be careful not to fall into a certain trap of many people.

This trap is focusing on the lack of what you want, in your present life.

Let’s say you’re thankful for the money in your bank, but you want more. Or you’re happy you have friends but you need to build more friendships.

Don’t focus on the aspect of what you don’t have; be thankful for what is already yours, and you increase the likelihood of more of it appearing. You can however think about ways to increase what you already have, but be sure to start with being glad and relieved that you already have that which you want more of.

If you give more energy to thinking about what you don’t have, you create more of what you don’t have. This is because you’re coming from a place of desiring it, and it not being present. But if you focus instead on being glad for what is already yours, and work on building more, you are creating a desirable ideal outcome or endgame.

Be Thankful, Create More

This is one of the most powerful and simple short strategies that you can do to avoid lack, build up what it is that you want, and create your ideal life for yourself. This in turn helps others around you because your freedom and happiness are a means to an end for what you’re looking to add to the world.

It’s much harder to add value to the world if you’re not content with your life already or your cup is not running over. This will create an unworthy feeling inside you that will prevent you from believing in your own ability to produce something of use to others.

Instead, count your favorable conditions, be thankful, focus on and create more, and spill this overflowing abundance that you’ve received onto others and their missions.

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