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How to Discover What You Want – Be Pulled By Your Vision

I’ve got a quick question for you. It’s something regarding your life vision, and the path that you’re headed down as we speak.

Ready? Here it is:

Are you living exactly the life you want, down to the detail?

How & Why to Construct Your Ideal Vision For Your Life

If you’re not, journey for a second with me to a life you’d love to be living right now. It’s powerful to decide this; craft this first and then figure out how you can make everything you’re doing point in that direction.

If you’re not yet there, your task is to figure out exactly what it looks like and everything that you want accompanying it. This vision is what you actually create it with. It is the very first step to gaining access to all you’ve ever wanted.

You hopefully have some lofty goals already, and the full confidence that it takes in order to get them accomplished. However big your future life is, I challenge you to set a goal that is at LEAST double that end goal, and hopefully three or four more times as grandiose than what you are currently after.

This helps you think much bigger, which is necessary if you actually want to make a dent in the world. Most people skate through life focusing on what’s right in front of them, therefore creating more of it continuously.

They’ll develop their focus to the coming weeks, or what they’re doing after work, never giving a second thought to 5, 10, or 20 years down the road.

The longer your vision, the larger shoes you have to fill.

The key is to imagine what you want, picture and feel it as already accomplished and then take the action necessary to realize it.

Most people are not thinking anywhere near as big as they could be, in order to complete their mission and purpose. Heck, most people don’t even have a vision for what their purpose is!

The scale should be international, not national.

The reach should be global, not citywide.

Without this aim and reach on the world, no lasting change is going to come to concrete reality. However, you do have this power to command it so.

If you really want to make it big, and this might not be your goal, you will need to push past all previous barriers and limitations that you accepted in the past. Then, you’ll need to take the enormous action that it takes to be successful.

What setting goals this high can do for you is bring large goals to you quicker than you ever thought imaginable, while you’re on your way to creating even bigger goals.

You will reach levels that seem huge to you now, and be more empowered to continue on your path of growth.

After one success, two or three, you will look around and have a realization that you are exactly where you set out to be 6 months or a year or two ago.

Being Pulled By Your Vision is the Opposite of “Motivating Yourself” Daily, Which is Infinitely Harder

I like to refer to end goals as just mirages, because it seems like once you reach them you’ll be happy and see yourself as successful, with time to rest and sit back. This is not true for compulsive over-achievers.

We do not settle once we reach all we wanted to. We get there, and appreciate it, but by the time we’re there it’s just time for the next sight. It’s not so much that we’re not satisfied with what we’ve done, but we have this cognitive dissonance with where we are and where we know we can be.

It’s uncomfortable, like a continual itch. We don’t want to only be where we are for very long, because we know there is so much more greatness in the future.

If you recognize this, you can break out of it by setting something so big and exciting that you are eager to complete it. It’s something you will always want to work on and it will not feel like work. You’ll be making a difference and following things you’re intrigued by. You’ll be so consistent in your work, you’ll do whatever it takes and you’ll love the process.

What allows you to do this is being pulled by your vision.

Without seeing a greater mission of empowering others, unlocking the full human potential, and pushing others to succeed as well, I would not have any drive to get here. I would not have the necessary motive to push my vision into the future a thousand fold.

It’s what motivates me. It’s what gets me up in the morning and hustling all day until my tasks are finished. I am constantly being pulled by a grandiose vision of touching hundreds of millions, or even billions of lives.

Without this I would not be able to do what I do, so consistently, and with excitement. I have figured out that this is what I love to do, and it’s one of the most important things to me.

How can we be great without encouraging others to be great? What is success if it’s achieved in a vacuum? You will be successful as the five most prominent people in your life.

It is unlikely that you will achieve much less than these people, because they’ll help pull you up. Consequently, you are also unlikely to achieve much higher than these people, because you’re sharing similar ideas, thoughts and habits with the people who are around.

However, if you up this circle consistently, you will watch your results soar as well.

Be Pulled By Your Personal Vision: How to Reverse Engineer Your Ideal Lifestyle

1. Decide What it is That You Want to Accomplish the Most

Why are you here? Are you just breathing air and consuming food until you die? Figure out what you were put here to do and how you can make a vision in that direction. Without this key step, you will never get to where you’re going because you have no idea where that is. WHAT is it that you wish to accomplish the most?

This can be hard to figure out at first, but once you start experimenting and discovering what you want, you can begin to chase it down. You do this by a concept called “Reverse Engineering”, which is where you actually start with the end in mind, and head backwards.

Starting with the perfect lifestyle in your head, you can realize what you need to do to make the means match the end. This clarifies what you’ll be taking action on, and what you won’t.

2. Figure Out What You Love to Do That Could Also Benefit the World

What is it that you love to do so much that you could easily do it for the rest of your life if money was no object? How can you bring this value to the world as a whole? These are some starting points to developing what it is that you will pursue.

Entrepreneurship is based on solving needs for people and adding value to their lives. If you can see some needs in a market you know now, more power to you. If you have to become a student of new markets, that’s fine as well. Simply find how you can solve a problem in a unique way that hasn’t been done before.

3. Find One or Two Practical Ways To Contribute to This Ideal & Build an Audience of People That Need What You Offer

Without getting up and making it happen, it obviously will never become a reality. Start now, with just one or two physical ways to bring this vision into the real world, A.S.A.P.

Vision without action is wishful thinking.

What are some ways you can combine what you like to do with what the world needs? Find out these specific, practical ways you can add to the world and get started… today.

Being pulled by your vision, your end goal of what you do can be such a powerful technique compared to just doing what you’ve always done: either not much, or pushing yourself from behind.

Action without vision is aimless energy.

To be compelled to bring this vision to reality, it will be far more effective for you to decide on a massive goal and fit your smaller goals and actions into this.

Find out ways that they can feed into it, instead of randomly pushing yourself to make a bunch of money, or do things you’re not interested in.

Steve Jobs understood this vision. This is part of the reason Apple become such an incredible company with global reach. He didn’t just want to make new computers or cool phones. He had one of the biggest vision in the industry.

Jobs revolutionized the entire way most humans interact with each other through better user experience, superior design, incredible machine ability, and ease of use.

If one man can assemble an idea like this in beginning stages, with another Steve, in a garage… the world is your oyster, my friend.

Look at the possibility. It does not matter where you’re coming from with it, or how insignificant it seems at the point of conception. It is only important where you will bring that vision.

Then, at this point it’s up to you how you will navigate and execute the plan.

If the vision is grandiose and vivid in your mind, you will achieve it should you bring the right mindset, effort and action into the equation.

Go out and get it.

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