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The Good Life: Integration & Transcendence [Pt. 2] Bali Magic – Releasing the Old & Heavy, Accepting the New & Light

One thing (among many) that I learned in Bali was RELEASE. Release of old baggage and the heavy weights of the past. The Bali Magic has a way with teaching you to allow the freedom and space to not carry around what doesn’t serve you anymore.

The Good Life | Integration & Transcendence | Release & Healing | [Pt. 2] Bali Magic – Releasing the Old & Heavy, Accepting the New & Light

When you fully release things that are holding you down (like this lantern into the sky) they don’t come back.

bali magic

If one does the necessary prep work to get rid of baggage, that person unlocks new levels of personal freedom.

The main issue may arise again, but with less power and hold over you. There are always new levels to clear.

Similar to a wound or an infection, once you clear up the damage, swabbing with alcohol, cleansing the worst away…

The wound starts to actually close.

Not only that, but the space gets stronger for the next time.

Kintsugi, Expansion & Drawing Rebirth From Turbulence

It actually reminds me of an old Japanese technique named Kintsugi.

This technique, in short, showcases the philosophy of filling up cracks and imperfections in their art, with gold/bronze/lacquer mixes that accentuate them.

One possible reasoning behind this is to emphasize the importance of getting knocked down and around, broken, and building yourself up to the highest form, even drawing strengths from the cracks.

“Expansion” is one such art, with a woman meditating in Lotus position.

Expansion, by Paige Bradley, represented her angst to fit into the modern art world.

She’d created a fine and beautiful piece of a woman meditating, and decided to smash it into bits on the ground on purpose.

She then worked with the sculpture to piece together its parts, and elevate each cracked piece from the other, and worked with a lighting specialist to make it glow from the inside.

I’ll leave it to you to dissect what the rest of what this piece represents.Bali Magic

Success & Happiness Spirals, Personal Freedom & Emotional Intelligence

A massively beneficial concept for me was learning the importance of EQ and not just IQ.

Emotional Quotient is just as valid as Intelligence Quotient.

In fact, some studies have proven EQ to be up to 4 times more effective in achieving personal wealth, balance, happiness and success.

For me, as a logical tactician, I needed to emphasize EQ’s importance within my session with the Bali Magic.

I always talked about Mindset, Massive Action, Self-Belief, and other pivotal, internal concepts. These have absolutely impacted my personal freedom, location-independence, and success so far in business.


There’s a massively important other side. It may be new to people with similar minds to my own… and that is the Emotional Intelligence scale.

Different personalities favor reliance on either emotional or logical reasoning, and often a mix of both. This is something I found a while back, but was not pivotal to me until this journey with the Bali Magic.

It’s at this time I had to set aside my trusty logical mind, my reliance on realism alone, and journey into uncharted waters to train my emotional intelligence.

Simply put, EQ is the ability to be aware of, manage, and control your emotions so they benefit and serve you.

Just like a strong mindset behaves like a good servant or a loyal dog, your emotions need to fall under the same firm hand of command.

This is insanely important to which spiral you fall under, and whether you get better or worse with your time invested.

The rich get richer.

The poor get poorer.

This is not just a fact of financial history, but a tangible process and rule, which all nature follows.

Grow or die.

See what I mean below:

bali magic

The Biggest Benefit of My Recent Session with the Bali Magic Was Healing

I destroyed limits, blockades to my progress, and things that were holding me down in business and life.

As soon as I cleared them away, I saw a huge increase in business results. It translated into signing even more high-level clients into my E-commerce Consulting and Copywriting packages.

Not only did my own results increase, but those of my clients in my consulting program increased as well! I helped a recent client through the MASSIVE (1600%) increase in conversion rate that you see in the picture below.

bali magic

As a marketing consultant, the results and success of my clients is even more important than my own.

You must be worth your salt if someone is going to hire you to help them increase their business and profits. And that increase is more important than how good you are at marketing and selling your services to help them.

Yet another client has just written in to me to share the boosts in his conversions with his private label products…

These were brand new products I helped them launch to the market and wrote all the copy for, and they’re already up and running with steady profits and superb conversions.

bali magic

As I strip away unnecessary stuff weighing me down, my clients’ and my own results keep soaring to new levels like this.

I was also able to remove limiting nonsense that was internally keeping me from my goals and happiness.

I’ve Found Happiness to Be An Important Factor on the Journey 

As entrepreneurs, we might try to shuck it to the side on the chase for the dream or the paper, but they say:

Wherever you go, there you are.

A somewhat silly saying but one that holds truth.

Wherever you go, there also are your memories, current beliefs, mindset, thought patterns, habits, and relationships.

So if you’re not happy in the present, you’ll have a tough time being happy in the future.

It’s important to take it one step at a time and accept where you are!

I used to constantly crush and grind on all my work, but now I apply steady daily pressure, and work towards my big vision in the long term with patience.

bali magic

I’m thankful to learn a new lesson from the Bali magic about release. I feel refreshed and equipped as I move forward.

I’m sending out a huge ‘thank you’ to all the souls that helped me along the way with this process, and the beautiful island of Bali.

You know who you are. Much love!


If you haven’t caught the initial video and post for this, you can check it out below. This is Part II stemming from “Integration & Transcendence” and you can scope that right here.




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