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A Note to the Ambitious… You’ll Never Get There

People with ambition in life are always shooting towards goals. They’re constantly critiquing their former progress and learning how to be successful. The truly ambitious certainly keep chasing new goals in life and they are not small.

The dilemma seems to present itself when these individuals and organizations are not satisfied with their achievements because they feel they’re constantly in flux.

Attention Ambitious People: You Will Only Ever Hit Your Goals In Life

That’s all you can ever really hope to do. Achieve what you set out to do.

Although there can often be a deep dissatisfaction progress-wise unless you realize the fact that you never get “there”. You never “make it” until you’re satisfied with where you are right now.

If you cannot be happy in the present moment, and recognize you’ve either learned what it means to be ambitious or are currently learning, you will never get “there.”

This is because in reality there is not a set destination where it’s all over and everything seems to be right with the world. People who aim high are always going after new goals in life and hitting milestones better than their last. This is natural, as life seems to want to express itself more fully and uses media like your ambition to do so.

Take a look around.

All nature and life forms seek to improve and live with expansion. There are no positives or negatives, simply causes and effects, seasons and cycles, and even when people are on destructive paths, they are still expanding and growing. They’re not headed in a way that’s conducive to self-development, but they are constantly moving and progressing in one direction or another, unfolding more and more development in the direction they started.

And as physics would have it, this will continue until an equal and opposite body physically or psychologically snaps the person out of this self-destruction and onto a helpful journey.

Learning How to Be Ambitious Is How to Be Successful – A Note On Working Hours

The first step to succeed is having a strong desire for what you want to gain. A strong desire coupled with commitment, work ethic, networking capability, and consistent progression are vital ingredients that make you ambitious.

“Ambitious” literally means having a strong will or desire to succeed. If you want to be successful, first define what success is to you and then set the goals in life that are necessary to achieve your end game.

So what does ambition mean to you?

Are you thinking two hours of work per day is ambitious, or 12? 16?

A great way to fool the brain and set up your contrast for success is to look up to the leaders of industry, power and fitness and see how they have defined ambition and success. What does ambitious mean to them?

You can bet that word isn’t taken lightly with them, and if you base your work ethic and hours you put in around what they have completed, you’re more likely to head where they are.

This is where people get caught up in how to be successful. They think it’s bad or good to be working a lot and aren’t sure where to put their efforts or for how long. This will vary for everyone, because it depends on how much you’re willing to learn and grow, how much success you want, and how fast you’re looking to achieve it.

Look, some people are fine getting where they want to be in 20 years and others want the same goals smashed in just two.

Some ambitious people want to be millionaires in their life, or perhaps see a cool destination like the Caribbean before they die, and others want to achieve these things by 25 or 30 and have free domain of the entire world.

Remember never to denigrate people who don’t want it as bad as you, and on the other hand never look forward to people who are quicker than you and despair. Either way you’re the only one that suffers, and it’s unnecessary.

You don’t need to compare your beginning to someone’s end, and it is helpful to realize everyone defines success differently. If a woman wants to raise a family and work from home and does it, she is a success. If a man wants to be a millionaire by getting into real estate and does it, he is a success also. This is why defining success and ambition are important.

One thing is for sure though; you get what you work for and the enormous success is not coming to the one who’s not willing to put everything on the line.

When you’re financially free and working on what you choose all day, you are in control of how much and where you work. When someone else controls your time because you need the money, you don’t have a say in it.

For the entrepreneurs in control of their time, the amount of time you work is inconsequential. The results always speak for themselves.

On my path, I’ve seen plenty of entrepreneurs put the hours in consisting of 12 to 20 hour days, but at the end of 6 months or a year, they don’t have much to show for it. This is why it’s imperative to actually be working on something measurable when you sit down (or stand up) to work. Never just be staring into the computer, as this is a waste of time and reminiscent of the employee mindset.

Reverse engineering is the way to get it all.

You will likely jive with this way of goal-setting whether you subscribe to The Secret, programming the subconscious mind, the success principles, or any other way of getting what you want. All creators saw something in their head before it was real and made it come to life.

When you’re in a job you hate, you stare at the clock wishing it would fall of the wall.

When you do what you’re interested in, you cannot get enough important things done in the day.

This is a huge difference and it’s important to see the key differences and heed the saying: “In one year from now, we’ll see who was really working.”

Don’t let the person who fell behind and didn’t achieve much in the past year be you. Be the person who’s content and proud when you sit down on December 31 to hash out each of your accomplishments from the previous year.

Ambition In Life Is Gained By Doing What You Want to Do 

Each person has a certain inalienable right to do exactly what he or she wants to do with his or her life. The notion that people should follow a blueprint or script lain by someone else is ridiculous! Nobody wins with this, because it’s often just completed to please others.

When you command anything you want to come to you, you get exactly those things. When you’re not limited by what others say or think about you, nor do you follow what they want for you, you live a more fulfilled and complete life because it is on your terms.

People don’t like this, because you allow yourself certain freedoms that they don’t permit themselves and they show it to you in forms of jealousy, hate and passive-aggression.

This can come from your parents, other loved ones, or friends who simply do not understand the path you’re on. It is a rare one, the path of the builder and continual producer, but if you think it is worth it, commit to it. Choose wisely.

“People are always angry at anyone who chooses very individual standards for his life; because of the extraordinary treatment which that man grants to himself, they feel degraded, like ordinary beings.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Ambition goes hand in hand with improving yourself, becoming the best version you can be, and sometimes making others uncomfortable without trying, because you live with a different set of standards. 

There are less chances to foster ambition through slugging it out where you don’t enjoy yourself.

The way to gain ambition in life is to have some massive goals, in an arena that you love, that you’re hunting down every day. The continual chasing and pursuing your full potential is what fulfills most people.

If you’re doing what you love, chipping away at it a bit more each day, and thankful for what you gain along the way, your success is skyrocketed.

This is a truly effective way to be happy and check your progress. Ask yourself if you’re on the right path regarding doing what you want to be doing every day, feeling like you’re growing, improving, and working towards your goals in life.

If not, it could be high time to change something today.

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