Ambition Is Priceless Meaning: What is Ambition & Work Addiction?

Ambition Is Priceless Meaning: Addiction & Obsession to Work

What do you know about work addiction? I mean positive, pure passion and addiction for the development of your craft. Addiction and ambition are more similar than they are separate. However, addiction gets a bad rap due to its associations with substance abuse. The goal here is to separate work addiction from an always-on, integrated life with everything you want in it. Here’s my ambition is priceless meaning: work addiction can (and should) be destroyed forever.

Addictions used in a positive light can be leveraged for growth.

What Is Addiction? It’s the Meaning of Obsessed: Why Ambition Is Priceless

This will rub people the wrong way I’m sure, but my focus on addiction is to utilize the second, more productive definition of the word:

Addiction –
əˈdikSH(ə)n- Noun – From the Latin Addicere (assign)

“Devotion to, dedication to, infatuation with, passion for”

Clearly from the prior definition, this type of addiction, or assignment means working on something important. It does not represent unhealthy relationships.

Pair your strengths and true obsessions with work that you love.

What are you naturally gravitating to almost all the time? There is nothing wrong with pursuing something that gives you joy, purpose, and enthusiasm if it benefits everyone involved.

Work Addiction? Nope. It Comes Down to the Person Applying the Meaning

When people form new addictions, they are normally unhealthy in the sense of physical dependence or negative habits. When ambitious people apply addictions, they understand what positivity they are bringing into the world, realizing it will take a massive amount of work to get heard.

They are applying the habits, devotion, and consistency associated with an addiction to a specific craft or art form to be developed. It is positive and healthy and not harmful to anyone involved.

Ambition is priceless for production.

You can’t teach it; it’s either there or it isn’t.

Addicts take these same concepts and apply them to abusing their bodies with a substance. Abusing their sanity with a partner. Mistreating their health with useless habits, they spiral down the wrong path.

Same concept, different outcomes.

The difference all lies in how people handle themselves and react to situations, because everyone has dominion over what they make themselves do. They can impose their own will on themselves and decide what to think and how to act 100% of the time. The only control they don’t have over themselves is that which they give up voluntarily.

Addiction Is a Deep Dive in Ambition; But Why Is Ambition Priceless?

To become successful, you’ll need to be fully addicted, engulfed, and committed to what you’re doing. It’s simply a deep dive of knowledge and experience to get further on your path.

You want to study the successful people before you, the prior knowledge, the books and courses. Study the actions and reactions, the combinations and sequences, the seminars, the texts, failures and lessons of anyone involved. This helps you further your progress in a shorter time.

These are the people who know what it takes to get where you’re going and have acquired the skills necessary to do so.

Proving your dedication and ambition to yourself should be of top priority so you can keep consistent with what you’re doing. You will want to constantly re-create your destination in your mind so you can be progressing towards it 24/7.

To understand if you’re on the right path, simply ask yourself whether you’re doing this process now. It’s likely you are right where you want to be if this is already your daily routine. If not, it’s time to find something you’re willing to commit your life to developing.

This is truly part of learning why ambition is priceless. It helps you build when you’re not even working. It helps you get more addicted in the positive way to what you’re working on.

Let’s learn about the meaning of ambition:

AMBITION – amˈbiSH(ə)n – Noun

“A strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.”

As you can see, this definition goes hand in hand with becoming addicted to what you do and improving it so it can breathe more life into the world.

When You’re Addicted to the Right Thing, You Love Your “Work”

To truly love your work, certain needs must be met. Most people want freedom of time and choice to decide what to do with their days, but still never get it.

Ambition is Priceless

When you find something you’re truly addicted to in the right way, you actually begin to love your work. Your work doesn’t even feel like work in your mind, as you’re excited to do it every day. You can’t wait to get up and progress more because it feels like you’ve beaten the system.

Work is not meant to be hard on us – most hard workers make next to nothing.

Smart workers get it all.

Work is meant to simply expend energy, not stress us out. It gives us purpose and it helps us feel that we’re always on our way to mastery. When you have the right work addiction, it doesn’t tear your relationships and sanity apart.

Everything is boosted by priceless ambition because you’re on a mission, you have abundance to share with family. You’ve got your priorities. Plus, you have purpose and you’re helping lift yourself and other people up by showing them what’s possible.

A Work Addiction Can Be Positive For the Self-Taught

When we usually hear about someone’s work addiction, we hear about the workaholics that never stop working, are always at work or the office, and neglect their families.

The majority of these people are chasing the money or are addicted to the next promotion so they can level up, but cannot control their desires or pace themselves.

A paradigm shift from this sort of trap, is the entrepreneur who’s engulfed in the work they love and always progressing, whether working or not. It’s the person who doesn’t need to go to a job and be dictated by someone else’s schedule.

It’s the person whose business works all the time so they don’t need to work all the time, because the money is rolling in regardless.

With passive income, anything is possible. Their money starts working for them.

These people are free in the truest sense of the word. They’re also likely mentally free because they have already broken through many assumptions and limitations cast on them from mediocrities.

They are likely self-educated since the skills and the lessons they needed to become free were not taught anywhere else before they scavenged for them.

People Addicted to Work They Hate Suffer Health-Wise

Where we see these people with bad cases of “work addiction” is also where we’ll find people’s health suffering from sitting down all day, and lack of real sunlight in the crucial hours. Overexposure to the blue fluorescent lights in most office spaces can cause insomnia as well, because your brain isn’t producing proper melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland.

So in general, these people have higher links to depression, disruption in sleep, mood swings, and weight, blood pressure, and heart issues.

The Solution to Work Addiction: Freeing Your Time & Loving Your Work

People who get addicted and obsessed with success and improving everyone around them are far happier with their purpose and develop a free life where they have abundance in forms of money, travel, and family.

They are the self-taught who have learned what they need to be emotionally stable, financially independent, free of other’s schedules and timeframes, and have been able to earn passive income after putting in the necessary work.

The person with the mindset that ambition is priceless succeeds over time, with or without a mentorship.

You find an entirely new world after you learn how to make money 24/7. You can finally do anything and everything that you want to do with your days and your life.

This shows why it’s crucial to get a hustle where you’re constantly getting paid to learn and grow. You’re instantly released from the limits of only having 24 hours to make money.

If you learn this, you buy new time from others with your money, and outsource menial things. Plus you finally choose what you want to go after in life!

You can now sit down and clarify exactly where you want to go in life. It becomes a stepping stone to your main purpose. Instead of just staying on the hamster wheel, chasing money and paying bills, you consciously build your life.

How You Can Cultivate An Ambitious Mindset That Serves You

You can voluntarily get addicted to your passions, be free, choose your interests and challenge yourself to monetize them. Or… you can keep requesting someone else to pay you to work for their dream.

Build your ideal future, or another man will come along to purchase your hours in order to help him build his.

My question to you is which road will you choose?

Neither is right or wrong!

But depends on what you want, and that is absolutely up to you. In conclusion, ambition is priceless because you can never replace it. Ambition is priceless because you cannot buy this, people either have it or they don’t.

You will not be able to turn people ambitious when hiring others for menial tasks. They either have the hunger and drive or they don’t. They can cultivate this ambition on their own, but it’s not up to you.

Don’t even try to build it in someone else. Recognize that another person either has sharpened their own mindset, drilling in that ambition is priceless, or they haven’t.

You can simply influence the dials up or down for intensity.

It’s always up to you.

A Message to the Ambitious Business People…

Look, my point is this:

Being ambitious is not a negative thing, you’ve just got to make sure you’re positively addicted to something you LOVE.

For me, that love began in E-commerce copywriting.

I began seeing my conversions online skyrocket through the power of Direct Response, and if you have the same understanding, you can mimic these results.

Copywriting online for clients, products, and brands allows me to travel.

Work from anywhere with WiFi.

Connect with 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs across this blue marble we call home…

And most importantly? Enjoy a life of FREEDOM.

Picking skills should be a delicate process; one handled with care.

I picked one of the (many) proper business skills to learn and master, and it enables this life.

Will you?

Find out if you’ve got what it takes; check out my Ultimate Copywriting Guide [Executive Package] here.

how to become a copywriter

Until next time, over and out…

Your man E

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