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Your New Business Ideas Are Worth Nothing

Your business ideas alone are worthless.

Future business ideas alone are like a candle without the flame. A boat without a paddle. A man without a purpose.

The best business ideas never stand alone; they are always accompanied by action. 

If your new business ideas have no projection or strategy backing them, they will fall flat on their face. If your latest business idea has no action behind it, there is no way you can ever succeed. There is always the wantrepreneur who has a bunch of million dollar ideas in his head, yet never takes any action.

You know the type, they talk your ear off about what they might do in the future, or the newest product idea they just came up with that will make a million dollars, when the fact is they’ve never turned one of these interesting business ideas into a reality.

It’s all talk.

It’s important to be 100 miles away from these all-talkers because they will eventually infect you and your potent entrepreneurial ideas by watering them down. They do this by talking about them all the time… to everyone.

How to Protect Your Big Business Ideas

One of the easiest ways to stop people from stealing your ideas, or to prevent convincing yourself that you’ve achieved them, is to simply shut your mouth.

If your goal is kept quiet, added to, researched and strategized more every day, you are sharpening your scimitar for war.

You’re not dulling the blade, coming into contact with hundreds of people who want to know what you’re about to do. It’s okay, keep them in a bit of suspense but wow them with your success. The main goal is to prove yourself right, not to seek approval from others. You’re aware of your abilities and you’re learning how to turn an idea into a business.

Don’t talk too much about what you’re going to do because it dilutes the potency of your plans. The key word here is too much.

By keeping most of your great business ideas inside, you’re slowly strategizing your battle plan so you have 100% of your faculties ready when it’s time to pounce. You study, stealthily become the best, build on what you’ve got, and learn something new daily. Then when opportunity comes, you maul it viciously, dropping from the trees like a panther and vanishing before your prey has a chance.

Taking Action = Not Talking

In your path, you’ll come across lots of talkers; they come in many different forms.

There are the people who always have something they want to do, or say they will do that never gets done.

There are the false visionaries who have grandiose visions of the future but never back it up. Then there’s simply people who talk all the time about the level they’ve achieved, yet it’s so low that to you it seems like a warm-up round.

Be a talker or don’t; I’m not telling you what to do!

However, to be consistent and impeccable, make sure at all costs you’re actually doing what you said you would and backing up everything you say.

To protect these innovative ideas for business you might have in your mind’s vault, simply plan and strategize daily, visualize the victories, and speak them if you must.

Whatever you do though, do not spread your best business ideas for everyone to hear until you’ve tried it first and patented that version. You can’t patent an idea, and rightfully so. You can only patent things you’ve tried out first. So get to it.

Creative business ideas are meant to be acted upon anyways. What is a great business idea with no follow through?

Absolutely nothing.

So always remind yourself to protect your best business opportunities from the people who aren’t willing to help you build them, even if just in masterminds, and avoid people who don’t see the vision that will just let your breath go to waste.

Discern These Two Energies For Turning Ideas Into Action

There’s a couple ways to set your service or product ideas into cement.

Many entrepreneurs will go the route of speaking their future business ideas into action publicly. This is one way of operating, and it states your desires and expectations clearly to the world.

Aside from this, there are people like myself who like to keep lips locked tight when it comes to new business opportunities. I don’t like speaking with people about them, unless I know it’s for a direct purpose.

There are two main energies that need to be noticed when building creative business ideas. One is destructive or wasteful, and the other is about taking action and constructing how to turn an idea into a business.

1. People That Help You Build

Only get to work on cool business ideas with people that will either support you or help you build it. This building can even be spitballing ideas back and forth, creating a collective perspective in which you can make something more significant than it was when it started as a small scale business idea.

When thinking of the best business to start according to your strengths and abilities, you cannot waste any time or words. You must develop an idea, strategize, and most importantly, take action on it.

Link up with people who will hold you accountable, and who will push your ideas into the next dimension naturally by finding new business opportunities with you.

These are the supportive and successful individuals you need in your squad.

You may think you can, but you really cannot survive without them.

2. People That Let You Waste Your Breath

Do not ever share plans with people who don’t see the vision.

There are certain people that just will never see the type of value you intend to bring into the world, and they will either stomp it down directly, or nonchalantly shrug it off.

This is expected from average settlers. Carry on as usual without another wasted breath.

These two energies are crucial to recognize, because they will come up in your path. You feel a certain way after each exchange and you shouldn’t ignore it. If you’re looking for serious progress, you should identify which person you’re vibing with and decide to build on that conversation.

Pay Attention to This Crucial Feeling Inside Your Body

After you share your plans with the co-creators, you’ll feel uplifted, energized, and stocked up with new and cool ways to turn ideas into action.

After you share your plans with the time-waster, you’ll feel as if you just dissipated some potent energy that could have been used in a constructive way.

I’ve felt both; go with the ambitious person if you want results.

How to Turn An Idea Into a Business

So you’ve chosen your strategy, you understand who (if anyone) you should share it with, and you’re ready to progress with your entrepreneurial business ideas, now what?

It’s time to start. Start where you are. Do something to move forward. Anything.

business ideas
Monster Would Not Be the Purple Cow That They Are Had They Not Implemented Unique Strategies

This is literally one of the most underutilized strategies that people gloss over. They are afraid to start, they come up with hundreds of excuses, they decide they don’t know how and they stop there.

99 out of 100 people will figure out that they don’t know how to do something and let it stop them. You need to be that one person who’s ready to take massive action on your plans and turn ideas into reality.

Idea management is one thing that people always get overwhelmed with. They start slowly and stop at the first difficulty, or worst yet, never start.

This cannot be you if you are to reach the success you want. Understanding how to implement your moneymaking ideas into physical, tangible form is an undervalued skill because it’s so rare for people these days to pursue something vigorously until it succeeds.

Everyone could do it if they were simply ready to set their mind to the task. It’s that simple, choose to be successful and never quit, and the next stop on the track is success.

Every single time.

Dominate Competition, Implement Ideas & Take Massive Action

Go forth to take action and implement all your creative business ideas.

Before you start talking, come up with something tangible.

If you choose to share your ideas with people, do it selectively. If you keep quiet, you had better be the best at what you do and completely dominate any and all “competition”.

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