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Aim For The Top & Cut Your Learning Curve

Don’t listen to the people who aren’t where you want to be. If you wouldn’t trade lives with them, or you don’t want to live a similar life, there’s no reason to listen to them. Let me be painstakingly clear – only take advice from people you’re looking to emulate. Aim for the top!

It makes no sense to be taking advice from people who aren’t where you want to be. They have little to no value to be offering you about where you’re headed.

The definition of advice is “guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action.” Why, then, would you heed advice from someone not near the future that you’re targeting?

It makes zero sense.

The 10% Rule & How to Use It

There is so much advice, so many courses, so many books, and so much going on out there in terms of people looking to help you out and improve your life. There’s no way or reason to devote time to all of it. It’s not possible anyways…

What you can do instead is go straight to the top. Cut out any information that is from people along the middle of the road to success. Only pay attention to people that are enormous in your field, the leaders of industry and giants of commerce.

You are likely to achieve only about 10% of the successes of the people that mentor you or teach you about life and business. Why would you want 10% from someone mid-way to success? If you could gain 10% of say, Sam Walton’s business success, you could potentially reach 16 billion dollars. If you listen to your neighbor Joe who makes 100k per year, you are likely to gain about 10k worth of knowledge from him.

Don’t waste precious time.

Time is extremely finite and precious and once it’s spent, it doesn’t come back. Don’t waste time and effort paying attention to what people who are not at the top say. The energy learning a trade or skill will be spent anyways, and there is no sense in wasting it. Go straight to the top and find out what it actually takes to be wildly successful.

Aim For The Top In Daily Life

Around 99% of people out there will give bad advice that is unfounded and irrelevant to where you are aiming. When you do find that 1% of people know what they’re talking about, you will want to listen to most of what they have to say. I said most, not all.

This is the importance of finding mentors and people whom are five, ten, or twenty years ahead of you and where you’re looking to be. These are the types of people who can guide you, challenge you, keep you accountable, and show you new ways of thinking. Even little things that they say are gold nuggets to the hungry person ready to devour their wisdom. Sometimes these statements fly right over the head, though.

Aim For The Top In Industry

There’s a select few people who will make it all the way to the top in their industry. These people know they will be there; it’s just a matter of time. This is the belief they had and held when they were just starting out and they saw it to completion.

If you’re one of these people who is focused on going straight to the top, being the best at what you do, and connecting with the real game changers, you’ll need to learn only from the best.

Don’t settle for advice from people who haven’t achieved the top-level success, unless you don’t want to be at the top. Realize that their advice is so much more credible than the people below them. The people at a higher level of success have gone through everything that the people under them have, plus much more just to sit where they are.

Your brain only has a certain amount of information it can readily access at once. If you’re clouding this storage or diluting it with people who aren’t at the very top of the industry you’re targeting, don’t listen to them as heavy as you would the others.

Granted, I recognize a lot of people don’t want to be the absolute best in the market, but there are a small number of those who do, and will.

If you’re one of them, you will need to keep your stew of knowledge as potent and undiluted as humanly possible. Pick wisely the ingredients to include and keep them each as high level as possible.

For instance, if you’re in love with golf, let Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods teach you how to play. If you want to learn investing, listen to Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. If you want to perfect social media presence, listen to people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey.

Success will leave certain habits, mental pathways, and actions in its wake. If you’re looking to succeed as fast as you can, learn the most from experts only.

If your aim is not set this high, but you’d still love to be a certain level of successful, listen to people who have already done exactly what you want to do. Go seek them out, find mentors and read their books.

How to Find People Who’ve Already Done What You Want, Slide Past Average Minds & Reproduce Similar Results For Yourself

Wherever you’re looking to go, seek to emulate people who have achieved it already, and you can learn the most relevant success. Don’t copy them; develop your own style.

One thing I’ve consistently been amazed by is the random sources from which people will learn new things from.

If you can’t find any people that have done exactly what you want to, then look for people who are relevant to your field and learn from them while striving for your goals.

When you bring it to fruition you will have your own unique blend and be able to customize your life as you see fit.

Assuming these people at the so-called top are transparent with their efforts and looking to help others achieve what they have, you should peep their advice to get there as quick as possible. They know what they’re talking about.

As far as listening to others, be careful, especially of those around you, whom you take advice from. Unless your inner circle is very strong and uplifts you, many people around you don’t know what they’re talking about and will lead you astray.

Many people don’t want you to succeed, or people will give the same average advice on how to be comfortable and middle class. If you’re looking to be wealthy, avoid this advice. It can change your brain patterns and ways you think about success.

It goes back to being so clear on what you want to do with your life, that you don’t doubt or deviate. If you drift aimlessly without taking control, take advice from people who aren’t proven and accept whatever is thrown at you then you being unsuccessful is your fault. It’s your responsibility to choose what you let in your consciousness and what you filter out.

This is what will decide your fate: the decisions you make on where you want to be, the people you surround yourself and listen to and your consistent dedication to get it done. 

The beauty of this is that you get to choose where you’ll take it and who you’re going to be through your consistent actions.

What will you become?

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