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The Abundance Mindset: How to Always Think Win-Win In Life

If you’re looking to increase your success and build a network that is a force to be reckoned with, you will need to make one crucial mindset shift, if you haven’t already.

This shift is the abundance mindset.

The abundance mindset shift looks only to share, promote, connect, add value, and increase.

It is being in business for the sake of building and growing, inspiring, creating mutually beneficial deals and solutions, and constantly moving forward.

The abundance mindset is being happy and congratulatory towards the successes of others. Having their best interest in mind, lifting them up, and providing value that they can use to improve.

When you adopt this abundance mindset, you will instantly stand out from the crowd of people who are looking to selfishly move their projects forward. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting progress and working for your benefit, but if you do so in spite of caring how others benefit, it can harm you.

When you change your thinking from scarcity and lack to abundance, you’re interested in how everyone involved can win. You stop thinking so heavily about competition and division, and more on compounding, co-creating, and lifting other people up.

The abundance mindset has two main facets.

The Two Facets of the Abundance Mindset

  1. Recognizing Everything You Want is Readily Available and Abundant

Anything you want more of: money, success, resources, friends, connections, opportunities, insights, ideas and teams, are readily available for you to create.

While I recognize we are destroying many resources at a rapid rate on earth, there is no shortage of the money and success and power you can create. These things have the illusion of being finite like the minds of others have often convinced us. This is due to supposed competition, cutbacks, and the economy.

Most of the time these are excuses to sit back instead of actively go after what it is you truly want to create. 

  1. Help Others Achieve: Having a Proactive Mind That Looks For Ways to Compound Your Effort, Reach, and Connections

This is the area in which we can look at what we are contributing to other people’s lives. This is where successful people pile on more and more success, because they’re looking for ways they can give back and pull up other people who are serious and motived.

Ever notice how people that are at the top often have workshops, courses, books, and websites that look to help others achieve the same success? It’s because most successful people have abundance mindsets.

They also recognize what they know is valuable and they place value upon themselves.

There are a precious few people who are very successful who are not looking for ways to give to people.

Examples: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Will Smith, and so on.

Every one of the people aforementioned has figured ways to give back and help pull others up through their videos, shows, movies, products, advice, courses, and more. They recognize that it’s very hard to just pile up tons of success without first serving needs and helping people.

This means they’re not just adding value to others when they’re already on top, but it’s what they build careers off of! The motivational speakers, inventors, investors, engineers and charity owners decided to act on ways to get others closer to their goals, instead of living a meager existence and only serving their own purposes. This is the abundance mindset in action.

There’s a saying I learned from a mentor while I was in Thailand, meeting tons of location independent entrepreneurs. It goes like this:

When the tide goes up, all the boats go up as well.

This essentially means that with the right mindset and network, when the people who are successful in those networks achieve something, many others benefit from it too.

For instance, one person will learn of a course, then distribute it throughout the community so everyone can buy it. One person will be featured in a large publishing of something of status, and will encourage and inspire others on how they did it.

Even if someone just sets an example for another, this can be a potent way of pushing others to be great as well. This is another form of the abundance mindset in action.

It’s also how I feel when I communicate with my network. I’m always pulled up from people above me, and learning from mentors on the way up. This way I feel happily “uncomfortable” and always push myself to be and do more.

I’ve witnessed this on many occasions and it is very powerful, and feels great. The inward focus of many people is completely unnecessary and actually caps your success levels that are possible. You cannot be out to only serve yourself in this world. You must contribute or you won’t get anywhere significant.

Like everything, there are exceptions to this rule.

More importantly, instead of focusing on this, what are you doing to change it?

Instead of talking about the people who don’t deserve success or help people, thereby creating more of it by spreading that mindset, why not be different? Set an example for the way you think things should be, and you will bring many other like-minded individuals and groups up with you. In this way, there is far more power in numbers.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

This is truly how things are uprooted and changed fundamentally.

Not by preaching about it, not by maligning the old way or ineffective ways of doing things, but on building the new path. Like Socrates told us: there is no point trying to destroy the old, but instead you should focus 100% on building the new.

The effort you waste in trying to destroy something you don’t like, such as: minimum wage, fighting wars, political battles, is wasted. The real change happens when you take the responsibility and initiative to create the better alternative. That’s where the power lies.

When more people adopt this abundance mindset path of thinking, the power is multiplied due to the number of people thinking and doing it. We can accomplish far more together than we ever could individually, so our energies should be focused on adding value to lives, and creating things of worth with each other, so that we can build things that are helpful.

This is how we will make progress as a planet and a community.

Seek ways to build onto what others are doing, if you believe in their cause, and promote and share their value to everyone! Proactively look to make connections for different people, so they can prosper and profit. For instance if you know a lead you could send to a friend of yours, connect these two people. They will be grateful, both people will prosper, and you will likely have made more money available for both.

As an added bonus, this type of energy tends to come back around to you, so the more you give, the more you get. Call it karma, luck, reciprocity, or whatever you want, but this power exists and is available to everyone in abundance.

Remember to be proactive in your approach to the abundance mindset. Instead of waiting for opportunities like this to come around, be on the lookout for where you can create them!

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