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It was a blistering hot day in Saigon, Vietnam…


One of those days you can actually feel your face sweating.

Below my apartment, the streets were a buzzing sea of motorbikes, car horns, vendors in sun hats pushing ice cream carts… thick humidity enveloped every inch of my skin.

Motive In Motion
A typical street jam-packed with motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I’d dropped out of college two years prior, to chase my dream of traveling, building an online business, and living abroad. I simply cut the cord and hopped over to the East alone, with a suitcase and a one-way ticket.


Because I knew there was a massive opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs living and working abroad anywhere with wifi, designing their ideal lifestyles.

But at this time (yet again) I was punched in the face with a right hook of adversity.

I had just $64 left in my checking account.

64 dollars.

Worse than that, you can see the other bank linked was out of date, and I was borrowing money from my credit cards to pay my advertising and shipping costs for my brand…

I was in a foreign country, alone, in a strange home setup.

I was so broke I had to negotiate weekly payments with the house owners, so I could hold on to what little I had left. Plus most of my network was spread out across the rest of the world, because I’d just started to network in Vietnam.

You can imagine how I felt.


Hopeless, desperate, and anxious to see some results.


When I flew out to Asia bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as a 20-year old, I never expected or anticipated the sheer level of lows and inevitable struggles.

The hardships. The loneliness. The confusion of what to do next.

Oddly enough, this was well after I’d already earned my first $25,000 or so online. I was confused how I led myself into my current mess, for I was not much of a “newbie” anymore.

In hindsight of this event, I see it was simply a case of over-investing in a product in which I’d tested the river with both feet.

A cardinal sin in investing, but we’ll get back to that in a second…

I was always “in the game” from the moment I started, so this was simply my next challenge.

When I had seemingly nothing else to rely on, I straightened up and recognized something I’d always had and always would have.

Myself. My will.

My ironclad discipline and belief that I could still achieve what I came here to do, despite the repeatedly low circumstances.

And even though it didn’t look very promising (at all), I was still able to see circumstances like these as fantastic opportunities to harden up and grow.

Therefore, I had a moment of recalibration. Little did I know, this would become a recurring theme at each dawn of new levels in my life.

Armed with this new attitude and approach, and a raging fire under my ass to simply generate my next meal and pay rent in a foreign country…

I set out the door.

Since I’d been making 100% of my income online for the past couple years, I didn’t line anything else up prior, because I was committed.

This was great for focus, but as per my usual demeanor, I had no backup plan. A backup plan, or “Plan B” detracts from Plan A.

So after briefly advertising myself in communities, online groups, and my network, I marched out the door to teach english to locals and help expats from other countries sharpen it up.

I set out to meet up with people who needed my “improv services” that I drummed up on the fly. I was able to land a few clients for just 500,000 Vietnam Dong, or ~ $20 bucks an hour.


My initial thought? “Cool. 
Now I’ve got some food this week.”


And fortunately this particular financial dry spell didn’t last long.

The inventory I mentioned earlier, finally hit the warehouse after some incredibly trying challenges with distribution. This consisted of a chain of middle-of-the-night calls (due to time difference). Freight forwarding, on-the-fly arrangements, and 24/7 hustle brought much temper-testing on my part.

I’d sent about 500 units of a heavy, sea-shipped product to American warehouses, and had encountered heavy resistance.

As the weeks slugged along, I was consistently running out of money, scraping by in conservation mode.

However, I now had ample time to consider concepts that were brand-spankin’ new to me.

Chiefly, concepts like my messaging, my market positioning for this product, my brand’s style and its graphics, and my market’s pain points. It was a time in my life that I was furiously studying:

– copywriting books,

– famous old-school sales letters,

– talking to copywriters in my network,

– dissecting VSLs,

– ad campaigns and funnels, and

All things Direct Response Copywriting I could get my hungry paws on.

I became fascinated with what moved the needle in terms of human psychology, persuasion and communication, and what led people to take action in business and life.

This became a total obsession.

This was the first chance in my E-commerce journey that I had the opportunity to start from zero and sell my own products the way I wanted. Prior, I was only selling other brands, consulting with business owners, and investors.

I’ll get to how that paid off in a second… but first, I know you might be asking:

“… so what? How does this pertain to me?”

And it’s a valid question…


How My Story Impacts You, Passing On
Tangible Wisdom to Your Life


If you’re an online business owner (especially if you run a successful E-commerce company with more than $10,000/mo. profit,) whether it be with Drop-Shipping, Amazon FBA, etc…

Or have an independent online brand selling information or physical products…

You’ll find contained in this site a mass of actionable resources.

Businesses at this level are ripe with opportunity, yet it’s a key point to get the right leverage with the concepts I mentioned before.

Meaning, the business that validates its idea and product, reaches $10k/mo.+ profit, and is seeing steady month-over-month growth, has set up a foundational structure. But that’s usually all it is; a foundation.

I’ve seen most of these businesses highly under-optimized for the long term. If the CEO of these online companies wishes to see their current growth continue, expand and develop their audience predictably, utilizing campaigns that systemize the process…

They’ve got to tune in a highly specific collection of concepts.

Ultimately, this results in the predictable growth path to six figure monthly revenue, thriving audience growth, on-demand revenue, and a brand that stands head and shoulders above their market’s competition.

I could give you examples all day, but I’m not writing this to “sell you” on my site. You’ll pick up what you need as you explore it for yourself.

However, I am writing this so you can see the immense power in learning how to sell your ideas in person, online and in print better than anyone else in your market.

It’s similar to my first taste in copywriting, where as soon as the products hit the warehouse, started pocketing over $3-500/day in profit. I was selling this product at least $15 above my “competitors”, yet I was ranking higher, gaining more sales, and retaining more customers than every other player.

The two are not mutually exclusive; selling high ticket and getting loads of sales.

The most important part is that it wasn’t just a fluke.

Knowing how to dominate markets is a trainable skill. And this is only one example of the myriad of cases eclipsed by countless clients I’ve helped boost revenues and profits for.

My sales copy and consulting have been the fountainhead for clients adding $3,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 above in monthly passive income streams across the board of business models.

Proven and documented.

Clients that come to me to work (even for short periods of time) have landed their own clients with my applied strategies at $10,000 and more.


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Atop this, I've actually compiled them in a book and an "Executive Package" called The Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online [Volume I]Check that out below, with many more volumes to come:

Ultimate Copywriting Guide to Selling Anything Online

Copy I’ve written for e-mail autoresponders, sales letters, product listings and more have shattered conventional conversion rates of their respective industries.

On top of that, my story exemplifies that copywriting and marketing strategy continuously saved me from subsequent financial scrapes stemming from inexperience.

Add to that the thousands of people already paying attention to my lessons, implementing on their own and improving their business lives…

And you get a deeper picture:


Past the Business Side, Motive In Motion Has
A Unique Underlying Code...


  and I’ve dialed it out of necessity. It’s a byproduct of hunting down everything I want, if you will.

Consider this the Wizard of Oz machinery room, with the curtain peeled back. It’s actually enabled anything that I’ve achieved to date (and salvaged from the crash-and-burn failures I’ve experienced).

I call it the Triangle Code.

Mindset, Wealth & Freedom: The Triangle Code of Motive In Motion

Motive In Motion Triangle Code

There are three main pillars of this code, that Motive In Motion embodies. They are:

- Mindset,

- Wealth, and

- Freedom

At first glance, they don’t represent their own depth, since they’re so massively overused in our world (to grab a quick 10 seconds of attention from your lizard brains).

However upon closer inspection, they are the very undercurrents of a successful life.

Mindset is the pinnacle code of value at Motive In Motion.

Mindset is pivotal; an absolute game changer.

Above all else, this key unlocks the other two, as you’ll never get traction inside an enslaved mindset.

The mindset code includes your deep-seated subconscious beliefs, your frames of reality, and your ability to train, control, and direct the incredibly efficient machine that is your mind.

You may think you’re free, but your mind is likely still trapped.

Your mind has been conditioned since birth for you to be a good little cog in the system. All the while, the controllers of the game are out puppeteering at will.

Ergo, mindset mastery dictates your success with the other two codes.

Wealth is the secondary code at Motive In Motion.

It encompasses the most important pillars of life. Wealth has four primary levers:

- Health & Virility

- Relationships & Connection

- Business & Finance

- Happiness & Spirituality

If just one pillar is absent from the mix, your wealth topples like a chair with three legs.

If you’re missing two or more, good luck enjoying your brief flash of existence on the orbiting rock you’ve found yourself on!

However, if you reach mastery in these four components, you can actually achieve what the most desperate among us regard as “The High Life”.

This pursuit is a never-ending journey.

Here at Motive In Motion, I share my own insights and experiences with you to do the same.

Freedom is the tertiary code of value at Motive In Motion.

Each code is progressive and sequential. The prior code unlocks each new one.

Freedom is more than just having autonomy over your body and will. Most people grazing the planet today have that.

Freedom is the ability to live life totally on your terms. To go where you want. When you want. With who you want.

It’s the beautiful gift you earn for yourself, that is not easy, yet it is absolutely, 100% worth it. Just like a marble-carved physique, no-one else on the planet can build it for you, and that’s why it’s valuable.

Freedom is the opportunity for you to book a plane ticket anywhere on earth, work on your own terms, meet and connect with anyone, and live in complete control of your own life.

* Are there different inherent levels of freedom, according to where you were born? Yes, of course. Anybody who’s touched soil in a foreign land understands this elementary truth. *

That said, there’s no doubt that whoever you are, wherever you’re from, with the right education and resources you can revolutionize your position, according to where you started, transmuting your entire reality.

Most people are walking around like zombies, with no degree of control or freedom in their lives, yet they think they’re free. They’ve even learned to love their oppressors.

Slavery starts in the mind, and its chains are scarcely broken by the average individual.

Taking back control of your Mindset, Wealth and Freedom is how you master the game of life.

And as for me, have I “done it”?

Hell no.

I am optimizing that end every single day, unlocking new degrees of my Mindset, Wealth & Freedom.

No-one on God’s green turf has “done it”, because this is a game you don’t finish. It’s an endless developmental journey, and there is no ceiling.

And that’s exactly what makes it phenomenal.

However, I live my ideal lifestyle daily - I make money doing what I love, consulting and copywriting, among other things.

I live and work in any sunny country I choose in the world.

I design my own fitness, martial arts, and nutrition regime and live in a fit, healthy body.

My mindset is my loyal servant. I've got a network of high-level entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, and high-net worth individuals. I'm well on the way to my ideal.

As my main profession, trade, and expertise of Direct Response Copywriting brings you leverage in accumulating your financial wealth, the content on this very site will always fall under this focus of its Triangle Code. Also, the Triangle Code is liable to be expanded upon in the future!

The high life can be achieved by anyone willing to put in the work, level themselves up, and take control of the helm of their own ships.

And with the Internet, the previous gates and gatekeepers have been silently dropped.

You can pick up these keys you learned today and install them into your business and life immediately. Without the long, drawn-out history of struggles like mine from not knowing what to do to see life-changing results.

And with that…


You Find Yourself in the Perfect Location to Explode Your Business Profits & Lifestyle


So I simply ask you to slip your shoes off, grab a warm cup of coffee, and get acquainted with the site that is Motive In Motion.

Not only are there lessons contained inside that’ll assist you in doubling your profits, advancing your online marketing ventures, and increasing the freedom and happiness you experience daily…

The opportunities here advance as your own ability to invest in yourself advances.

That is to say that our family here gets so much out of my free content when implemented, they come back to invest in my offers and limited consulting to get astronomically higher results.

On top of that, you get to experience my heretofore hidden Triangle Code philosophy that leads to the insights I offer you.


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There Are Two Kinds of People Who Are Prepared
to Get The Most Value Out of Motive In Motion:


  1. Those with businesses that qualify to work with Evan sometime in the mid-term future, to boost their copywriting conversion rates, marketing funnel results, business growth, and profitability


  2. Those a bit newer on their journey, looking to master copywriting, to become a high-paid, location-independent copywriter and build a business on their own terms

Whichever one you are, welcome to Motive In Motion my friend; enjoy.

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 Evan Teague
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