4 Key Principles of Ultimate Strategy: Strategy and Tactics To Consistently Win In Life & Business

Welcome to the 4 Key Principles of Ultimate Strategy! Today, we’re covering some deep, long-form topics about business life, strategy and tactics, modern and ancient warfare, and East vs. West (covering their strategy and philosophy).

By investing time in this video, you’re learning how to strategize your moves so you can consistently make big money in business (wherever you live), help people get what they want, and also provide the world with your valuable products and services.

Strategy also helps in every other aspect of life, as a calm, calculated modern warrior will reap the benefits for him/herself and her community.


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4 Key Principles of Ultimate Strategy: Strategy And Tactics To Consistently Win In Your Life & Business

This video is a deep-dive into Sun Tzu’s Art of War, 33 Strategies of War, On War, and many other tactical books for business and life success.

In the video, we go into a wealth of concepts including history of the Vietnam War, Western military strategy and tactics, Eastern and Western philosophies and philosophers, and how each side of the world was impacted by them.

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[PART I] Overarching Strategy & Its Use in Every Facet of Life


This is an intro to our video today, and one that outlines the importance of general strategic, critical thinking.

It’s of utmost importance to master strategy instead of just “flying by the seat of your pants” and winging everything.

Calculated, repeated, consistent wins are based off sound strategies.

Tale of the Concubines:


In this short story, the general Sun Tzu is challenged by a King, who’d like to know if this strategy stuff works on women or not…

Find out what happens.

[PART II] Actionable Strategy Straight From “The Art of War” – How to Use This Book in the 21st Century for Business Success


This book is THE ultimate guide on strategy.

There have been many that came afterwards, and probably a few unnamed that came before.

However, they are almost all outclassed by its simplicity.

We’ll overview the book and its top tactics, while keeping a broad overview and leaving a lot to your imagination and own experience reading it.

[PART IIIa.] Eastern Vs. Western Strategies: How They Differ & How to Integrate Both For Success In Business (Especially When Getting Suppliers Overseas)


This section is for any E-commerce pros who are sourcing overseas, and do business in the Orient.

It’s also for people who wish to understand Asian business strategy on a deeper level, and recognize how the game is played out there.

Terms like Guan Xi, The 36 strategies, and Thick Black Theory are effective undercurrents that should be studied, and are mentioned in the video.

In general, eastern businessmen and women think far differently than those in the west. Being that their cultures are older and more experienced than nearly every single western country, they’ve been at it for a while.

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” is nothing new in the key principles of ultimate strategy. Business teachers and professors used to teach this in university, as it’s extremely applicable.

Find out how to learn the game, stay respectful and proper in your business dealings, and get what your business needs when operating in the East.

[PART IIIb.] Eastern Vs. Western Strategies: How Learning About Past Wars Between East & West Can Help You Make Money In Business


In this section, we’ll dive deep into how Vietnam won the Vietnam War (Second IndoChina War), guerrilla warfare tactics, the games Chess vs. Go, and much more.

Learning this different approach to strategy and tactics can help you search for new ways to make big money in business, especially when sourcing product overseas.

[PART IV] Eastern Vs. Western Philosophy – How to Save Face in Asia, How to Go with the Flow & Surmount All Obstacles with Peace of Mind


This is where philosophies from the East and West differ.

We’ll cover these topics from Plato to Socrates, and Confucius to Lao Tzu. Today’s video can’t go too in depth on these topics, but if you’d like me to expand, simply drop a comment below and mention it.

 Beneficial Books Mentioned in the Video: 4 Key Principles of Ultimate Strategy

You can grab each of these books below, and immediately level up your strategy prowess.

Each one will impart a new tactical approach to build more wealth, success, and freedom in your business and life.

[Sun Tzu – Art of War]

[Gerald Michaelson – Sun Tzu’s Art of War for Managers]

[Carl Von Clausewitz – On War]

[Robert Greene – 33 Strategies of War]

[Chin-Ning Chu – Thick Face, Black Heart]

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