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Tailored CMO Services For
Overworked Founders & CEOs

From high-level strategy to implementation
(like copy and funnels) – we help your business scale – without
needing to invest more of your already-limited time.

Buy Your Already-Limited Time Back

Provide What Your Audience Needs, For A
Fraction of Your Marketing Budget

As a Founder/CEO, you’re already slammed with countless tasks, strategies, and directives. These important objectives need doing, but who says you’re the one who has to do them?
That’s where we step in, and reorganize, optimize, and improve your current workflows and strategic marketing implementation.
Having a fractional CMO on your team, who’s adept at managing your in-house marketing team, initiatives, and measuring KPIs is crucial to scaling up, gaining market share, and increasing profitability.

What We Do

We Market Offers Directly to Your Audience That Convert.

We’ve delivered 6 and 7-figure results for a myriad of clients in dozens of industries over the years.
Our proven track record, deep domain expertise, and adherence to strict Direct Response principles is what sets us apart from the pack.
Get in touch below, so you too can experience the scale, ease, and success that comes with product-market fit, strategic implementation, and conversion copywriting.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Remove The Unpredictability & Guesswork

Lean On Systematic Marketing Leadership - From the Top Down

Audience – Drill down on exactly who your core, ideal audience is – and what challenges you help them permanently solve.

Offer – Structure your product/service offering in a unique and specific way, that completely alleviates their largest struggles.

Funnel – Engage and convert your leads systematically, in a way that maximizes CLTV and AOV.

Copy – Leverage messaging that speaks directly to them, and demonstrates that you’re their best viable solution.

Motive In Motion

About Our Team

Nicky Cullen

Nicky Cullen

Sales Copywriter

With a background in writing Direct Response copy for a broad array of industries including self-help, health and wellness, anxiety, biohacking and human optimization, Nicky has strong writing and strategy skills. His breadth of experience allows him to deliver high-impact, high-conversion copy for your campaigns, in multiple formats across your campaigns.

Evan Teague Motive In Motion

Evan Teague

Founder, Lead Copywriter

Evan began as a Direct Response copywriter, and worked his way up in hundreds of verticals over 5+ years, working with a broad array of clients. He’s proven his skills with the only metric that maters – ROI – in dozens of industries like Finance,  Tech, E-commerce, Real Estate, Information Marketing, and the list goes on. Now, as the head of Motive In Motion, he’s specialized in delivering you powerful campaigns that convert, evergreen launches that scale, and superior product-market fit for your ideal audience.

Tatyanna Wilkinson

Tatyanna Wilkinson

Marketing Operations Whiz

Tatyanna is a well-rounded, experienced consultant, mentor, coach, and ‘smart girl wise woman’. She ensures we find the best clients whom we can perform the most impactful work for, and searches far and wide for new ways to develop the relationships we have with them. Her work is pivotal to our growth, and helpful for screening the best win-win scenarios for our client relationships.

Full-Time Expertise; Part-Time Cost

Leverage A Holistic Approach to Your Marketing - For Less Than A Full-Time C-Suite Hire

Your current marketing approach probably relies on a combination of inbound, pipeline development, lead nurturing, and conversion funnels.

You need leadership that aligns, catalyzes, and encourages your current marketing assets and resources in a holistic way. For less than a full-time C-suite hire, we provide the same level of investment and commitment to the success of your marketing efforts.

Bringing on an integrated partner, who shares responsibility for your marketing success (and is accountable to the CEO) is a smart way to leverage expertise for a “fraction” of the cost.

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