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Evan’s Location-Independent Lifestyle

A Globe-Trotting Sales Copywriter

Motive In Motion

Snorkeling in crystal-clear, blue island water in Vietnam…

Welcome to Motive In Motion

I’m Evan…
I live and work in any country I choose.

Writing copy, building my businesses online has allowed me to roam the world free for the last six years.

Motive In Motion

Charting new horizons over the city in Malaysia from an infinity pool…

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How I Live

A Minimalist Lifestyle

Motive In Motion

Minimalism is the way I run my whole life. 

From my minimal possessions, to the leverage and optimization I provide in my clients’ businesses… in true 80/20 fashion.

I leverage the most powerful actions, and outsource or delegate the rest. This philosophy pervades my business life, mindset, code, and my daily thoughts and actions.

Using the few markers that actually move the needle, you can operate with this principle in your company as well.

If your business is validated, profitable, and poised to grow, I invite you to get in touch by using this Application page. There may be some synergy to work together, and improve your funnels with my Direct Response Copywriting skillset.

Evan Teague

CEO, Motive In Motion

Direct Response Copywriting & Consulting

The Philosophy

Motive In Motion Triangle Code

Secrets of Building Wealth

Motive In Motion helps you master three main codes. They are:

– Mindset,

– Wealth, and

– Freedom

At first glance, they don’t self-represent their depth, since they’re so massively overused in our world (to steal a quick ten seconds of attention from your lizard brain).

However, upon closer inspection they are the very undercurrents of a successful life.

Mindset is the pinnacle code of value at Motive In Motion.

Wealth is the secondary code at Motive In Motion.

Freedom is the tertiary, final code of value at Motive In Motion.

These are liable to be expanded in the future.


Direct Response Copywriting & Consulting

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